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This is a list of athletes with Texas connections who have won medals in Olympic Games including 2018. This includes those born here or have lived in Texas, as well as athletes who spent their collegiate careers at Texas universities.

Olympic medalist Sanya Richards
Sanya Richards-Ross graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. Photo by Andre Zehetbauer (CC-BY-SA).

Information included is: the athlete's name, the sport and the year, as well as the types of medals (G-Gold, S-Silver, B-Bronze). If the athlete won more than one of the same kind of medal in any one year, the number is noted before the letter code; i.e., 2G indicates that the athlete won two gold medals in the games indicated.

The symbol (†) following the medal code indicates that the athlete participated in preliminary contests only; the medal was awarded because of membership on a winning team. Years in which the athlete participated in the Games but did not win a medal are not included.

Track indicates all track and field events except those noted separately.

Source: United States Olympic Committee

Olympian Sport Year Medal
Abdallah, Nia Nicole Taekwondo 2004 S
Adams, Rachel Volleyball 2016 B
Allen, Chad Baseball 1996 B
Armstrong, Lance Cycling 2000 B•
Arnette, Jay Hoyland Basketball 1960 G
Austin, Charles Track 1996 G
Baker, Walter Thane Track 1956 G, S, B
    1952 S
Baptiste, Kirk Track 1984 S
Barr, Beth Swimming 1988 S
Bassham, Lanny Robert Shooting 1976 G
    1972 S
Bates, Michael D. Track 1992 B
Beck, Robert Lee Pentathlon 1960 2B
Beckle, Janine Soccer 2016 B
Bedforth, B.J. Swimming 2000 G
Berens, Ricky Swimming 2012 G, S
    2008 G
Berube, Ryan Thomas Swimming 1996 G
Biles, Simone Gymnastics 2016 4G, B
Boudia, David Diving 2016 S, B
    2012 G, B
Brew, Derrick K. Track 2004 G, B
Brown, Earlene Dennis Track 1960 B
Browning, David (Skippy) Diving 1952 G
Buckner, William Quinn Basketball 1976 G
Buford-Bailey, Tonja Track 1996 B
Burrell, Leroy Russel Track 1992 G
Butler, Jimmy Basketball 2016 G
Carey, Rick Swimming 1984 3G
Carlisle, Daniel T. Shooting 1984 B
Carter, Michael D. Shotput 1984 S
Carter, Michelle Shotput 2016 G
Catchings, Tamika Basketball 2016 G
    2012 G
Clay, Bryan E. Decathlon 2008 G
    2004 S
Clement, Kerron Track 2016 G
Cline, Nancy Lieberman Basketball 1976 S
Cohen, Tiffany Swimming 1984 G
Conger, Jack Swimming 2016 G
Corbelli, Laurie Flachmeier Volleyball 1984 S
Cotton, John Baseball 2000 G
Crocker, Ian Swimming 2008 G
    2004 G, S, B
    2000 G
Cross-Battle, Tara Volleyball 1992 B
Crouser, Ryan Shotput 2016 G
Davis, Clarissa G. Basketball 1992 B
Davis, Jack Wells Track 1956 S
    1952 S
Davis, Josh C. Swimming 2000 2S
    1996 3G
Davis, Walter F. (Buddy) High Jump 1952 G
DeLoach, Joseph N. Jr. Track 1988 G
Dersch, Hans Swimming 1992 G
Didrikson, Mildred (Babe) Track 1932 2G, S
Donie, Scott R. Diving 1992 S
Drexler, Clyde Basketball 1992 G
Dumais, Troy Diving 2012 B
Durant, Kevin Basketball 2016 G
    2012 G
Dusing, Nate Swimming 2004 B
    2000 S
Eller, Glenn Shooting 2008 G
Ethridge, Mary (Kamie) Basketball 1988 G
Farmer-Patrick, Sandra Track 1992 S
Feigen, Jimmy Swimming 2016 G
    2012 S†
Fields, Connor Cycling 2016 G
Finn-Burrell, Michelle Bonae Track 1992 G
Forbes, James Ricardo Basketball 1972 S
Ford, Gilbert (Gib) Basketball 1956 G
Foreman, George Boxing 1968 G
Fortenberry, Joe Cephis Basketball 1936 G
Francis, Phyllis Track 2016 G
Galloway, Jackie Taekwondo 2016 B
Garrison, Zina Tennis 1988 G, B
George, Chris Baseball 2000 G
Gjertson, Doug Swimming 1992 G, B
    1988 G
Glenesk, Dean William Pentathlon 1984 S
Goldblatt, Scott Swimming 2004 G
    2000 B
Gonzáles, Paul G. Jr. Boxing 1984 G
Gordon, Chris-Ann Track 2016 S
Griner, Britney Basketball 2016 G
Guidry, Carlette D. Track 1996 G†
    1992 G
Haas, Townley Swimming 2016 G
Hall, Gary Jr. Swimming 2004 G, B
    2000 2G, S, B
    1996 2G, 2S
Hamm, Mia Soccer 2004 G
    2000 S
    1996 G
Hannan, Tommy Swimming 2000 G
Hansen, Brendan Swimming 2012 G, B
    2008 G
    2004 G, S, B
Hansen, Fred Morgan Track 1964 G
Hardee, Trey Track 2012 S
Harkrider, Kiplan P. Baseball 1996 B
Hartwell, Erin Wesley Cycling 1996 S
    1992 B
Hays, Todd Bobsled 2002 S
Heath, Michael Steward Swimming 1984 2G, S
Hedgepeth, Whitney L. Swimming 1996 G, 2S
Hedrick, Chad Speed Skating 2010 S, B
    2006 G, S, B
Heidenreich, Jerry Swimming 1972 2G, S, B
Henry, James Edward Diving 1968 B
Hill, Denean E. Track 1992 S
    1988 S
    1984 G
Hill, Grant H. Basketball 1996 G
Homfeld, Conrad E. Equestrian 1984 G, S
Hooker, Destinee Volleyball 2012 S
Hooper, Darrow Shotput 1952 S
Horton, Jonathan Gymnastics 2008 S
Howard, Sherri Francis Track 1988
Jackson, Lucious Brown Basketball 1964 G
Jacobs, Chris Swimming 1998 2G, S
Johnson, Michael Track 2000 2G
    1996 2G
    1992 G
Johnson, Rafer L. Decathlon 1960 G
    1956 S
Jones, John Wesley (Lam) Track 1976 G
Jordan, DeAndre Basketball 2016 G
Jordan, Shaun Swimming 1992 G
    1988 G
Juarez, Ricardo (Rocky) Boxing 2000 S
Julich, Robert William Cycling 2004 B
Keeler, Kathryn Elliott Rowing 1984 G
Kern, Douglas James Sailing 1992 S
Kiefer, Adolph Swimming 1936 G
Kimmons, Trell Track 2012 S
King, Judith Brown Track 1984 S
Kleine, Megan Swimming 1992 G†
Knight, Bianca Track 2012 G
Kocian, Madison Gymnastics 2016 G, S
Kolius, John Waldrip Sailing 1976 S
Langkop, Dorothy Franey Speed Skating 1932 B
Leetch, Brian Joseph Ice Hockey 2002 S
Lewis, F. Carlton (Carl) Track 1996 G
    1992 2G
    1988 2G, S
    1984 4G
Lienhard, William Barner Basketball 1952 G
Lipinski, Tara K. Figure Skating 1998 G
Liukin, Nastia Gymnastics 2008 G, 3S, B
Lloyd, Andrea Basketball 1988 G
Losey, R.G. (Greg) Pentathlon 1984 S
Lopez, Diana Taekwondo 2008 B
Lopez, Mark Taekwondo 2008 S
Lopez, Steven Taekwondo 2008 B
    2004 G
    2000 G
Lowe, Sara Elizabeth Swimming 2004 B
Magers, Rose Mary Volleyball 1984 S
Malone, Jordan Speed Skating 2014 S
    2010 B
Manuel, Simone Swimming 2016 2G, 2S
Manzano, Leo Track 2012 S
Marsh, Michael L. Track 1996 S
    1992 2G
Marshall, Christine Swimming 2008 B
Matson, J. Randel (Randy) Shotput 1968 G
    1964 G
Matson, Ollie G. Track 1952 S, B
McFalls, Jennifer Yvonne Softball 2000 G
McFarlane, Tracey Swimming 1988 S
McKenzie, Kim Track 1984 B
McNeir, Forest Shooting 1920 G
Meadows, Earle Track 1936 G
Meilli, Katie Swimming 2016 G, B
Mills, Ronald P. Swimming 1968 B
Mitchell, Betsy Swimming 1988 S
    1984 G, S
Moceanu, Dominique H. Gymnastics 1996 G
Montgomery, James P. Swimming 1976 3G, B
Moore, James Warren Pentathlon 1964 S
Morrow, Bobby Joe Track 1956 3G
Munoz, Felipe Swimming 1968 G
Neilson-Bell, Sandy Swimming 1972 3G
Nelson, Lianne Bennion Rowing 2004 S
Newhouse, Frederick V. Track 1976 G, S
Nott/Cunningham, Tara Lee Weightlifting 2004 G
Okafor, Emeka Basketball 2004 B
Okolo, Courtney Track 2016 G
Olajuwon, Hakeem Basketball 1996 G
Olsen, Justin Bobsled 2010 G
Osterman, Catherine (Cat) Softball 2008 S
    2004 G
Paddock, Charles W. Track 1924 S
    1920 2G, S
Patterson, Carly Gymnastics 2004 G, 2S
Patton, Darvis Track 2004 S
Peirsol, Aaron Swimming 2008 2G, S
    2004 3G
    2000 S
Perry, Nanceen L. Track 2000 B
Pesthy, Paul Karoly Fencing 1964 S
Phenix, Erin Swimming 2000 G
Pinder, Demetrius Track 2016 B
    2012 G
Postma, Joan Spillane Swimming 1960 G
Potter, Cynthia Ann Diving 1976 B
Rambo, John Barnett Track 1964 B
Rauch, Jamie Swimming 2000 S
Retton, Mary Lou Gymnastics 1984 G, 2S, 2B
Richards, Robert E. Track 1956 G
    1952 G
    1948 B
Richards-Ross, Sanya Track 2012 2G
    2008 G, B
    2004 G
Ritter, Louise Track 1988 G
Roberts, Gil Track 2016 G
Robertson, Alvin Cyrrale Basketball 1984 G
Robertson, Julian (Tex) Swimming 1932 B†
Robinson, David M. Basketball 1996 G
    1992 G
    1988 B
Robinson, Moushaumi Track 2004 G
Robinson, Robert J. Basketball 1948 G
Robinzine, Kevin B. Track 1988 G
Robles, Sarah Weightlifting 2016 B
Roe, Frederick Polo 1924 S
Russell, Douglas Albert Swimming 1968 2G
Russell, John William Equestrian 1952 B
Schneider, Marcus B. Rowing 1996 B
Schooling, Joseph Swimming 2016 G
Slay, Brandon Douglas Wrestling 2000 G
Smith, Clark Swimming 2016 G
Smith, Dean Track 1952 G
Smith, Lamont Track 1996 G
Smith, Owen Guinn Track 1948 G
Smith, Tommie C. Track 1968 G
Southern, S. Edward Track 1956 S
Spencer, Ashley Track 2016 B
Steinseifer, Carrie Swimming 1984 2G
Sterkle, Jill Ann Swimming 1988 2B
    1984 G
    1976 G
Stevenson, Toby Pole Vault 2004 S
Stulce, Michael S. Shotput 1992 G
Swoopes, Sheryl D. Basketball 2004 G
    2000 G
    1996 G
Sykora, Stacy Volleyball 2008 S
Tarmoh, Jeneba Track 2012 G
Taylor, Robert Track 1972 G, S
Teagarden, Taylor Baseball 2008 B
Tinsley, Michael Track 2012 S
Tisdale, Wayman L. Basketball 1984 G
Valdez, Jesse Boxing 1972 B
Van, Allen Ice Hockey 1952 S
Vollmer, Dana Swimming 2016 G, S, B
    2012 3G
    2004 G
Walker, Laura Anne Swimming 1988 B
Walker, Neil Swimming 2004 G, B
    2000 G, S
Wariner, Jeremy Track 2008 G, S
    2004 2G
Weatherspoon, Teresa G. Basketball 1992 B
    1988 G
Weber-Gale, Garrett Swimming 2008 2G
Wells, Rhoshii S. Boxing 1996 B
Wells, Wayne A. Wrestling 1972 G
Whitfield, Malvin G. Track 1952
G, S
G, S
Wilkinson, Laura A. Diving 2000 G
Williams, Christa L. Softball 2000
Williamson, Darold Track 2004 G
Wilson, Craig Martin Water Polo 1988
Wolfe, Rowland (Flip) Gymnastics 1932 G
Wrightson, Bernard C. Diving 1968 G
Wylie, Paul Stanton Figure Skating 1992 S
Young, Earl Verdelle Track 1960 2G
Zmeskal, Kim Gymnastics 1992 B


 • In January 2013, the International Olympic Committee disqualified Lance Armstrong from the 2000 events he competed in after he was found to have used drugs to enhance his performance.