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Dedication of monument to African-American Legislators

Dedication in 2010. Photo by Larry A. Thomas.

During the era of Reconstruction in Texas, 52 African-American men served Texas either in the Legislature or as delegates to the Constitutional Convention. On March 30, 2010, a monument dedicated to these men was unveiled during a ceremony at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin.


Black Legislators and old state Capitol.

An online exhibit about these pioneering men can be found at the Texas State Library website.

Richard Allen
Edward Anderson
Alexander Asberry
Houston A.P. Bassett
Thomas Beck
Edward Brown
Charles W. Bryant
D.W. Burley
Walter Moses Burton
Silas Cotton
Stephen Curtis
Bird Davis
Goldstein Dupree
Robert J. Evans
Jacob E. Freeman
Matthew Gaines
Harriel G. Geiger
Melvin Goddin
Bedford A. Guy
Nathan H. Haller
Jeremiah J. Hamilton
William H. Holland
Wiley W. Johnson
Mitchell Kendall
Robert A. Kerr
Doc C. Lewis
Ralph Long
Lloyd Henry McCabe
James McWashington
Elias Mayes
David Medlock
John Mitchell
Henry Moore
Robert J. Moore
Sheppard Mullens
Edward Patton
Henry Phelps
William Reynolds
Walter E. Ripton
Meshack R. Roberts
George Thompson Ruby
Alonzo Sledge
Robert Lloyd Smith
Henry Sneed
James H. Stewart
James H. Washington
Benjamin O. Watrous
Allen W. Wilder
Benjamin Franklin Williams
Richard Williams
George W. Wyatt


 — from the Texas Almanac 2012–2013.