Fort Davis in the early 1880s.

A Brief Sketch of Texas History

Prehistoric Texas

European Exploration and Development 

  • The Spanish Explorations
  • French Exploration
  • Spanish Rule
  • The Demise of Spain
  • American Immigrants
  • Mexico 1810–1836
  • Texas 1821–1833

Revolution to the Republic

  • Prelude to the Revolution
  • Winning Independence
  • Republic of Texas, 1836–1845

Annexation to Succession

  • Annexation
  • 1845–1860

Succession and Civil War

Reconstruction to the 20th Century

The 20th Century

  • 1900–1920
  • KKK and Minorities
  • Depression Years
  • The New Deal
  • World War II
  • Conservatives vs. Liberals
  • Technological Growth
  • The Assassination
  • Sharpstown Scandal
  • Prosperity




Cover of 1911 Texas Almanac

Cover of the 1911 Texas Almanac.

Timeline of Texas History (excerpt)


March 1 – U.S. Congress passes a "Joint Resolution for Annexing Texas to the United States."

mid-March – The first of many large groups of Germans arrive in Central Texas, settling at New Braunfels.

July 4 – The Texas Constitutional Convention votes to accept the United States annexation proposal; it drafts an Annexation Ordinance and State Constitution to submit to the voters of Texas.

Oct. 13 – Texas voters overwhelmingly approve annexation, the new state constitution and the annexation ordinance.

Dec. 29 – The U.S. Congress approves, and President James K. Polk signs, the "Joint Resolution for the Admission of the State of Texas into the Union." Texas becomes the 28th state. . . .

('1845' is part of the complete Timeline. . . .)