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Change fm 2010
Area (sq.mi.)
Land area(sq.mi.)
Altitude (ft.)
Rainfall (in.)
Jan. avg. min.
July avg. max.
Civilian labor
Per Capita inc.
Prop. Value
Retail Sales

– 5.9

map of Lamb County
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Physical Features: Rich, red, brown soils on the High Plains; some hills; drains to upper Brazos River tributaries; numerous playas.

Economy: Agribusiness; distribution center; denim textiles.

locator map for Lamb County

History: Apache tribes, who were displaced by Comanches around 1700. The U.S. Army pushed the Comanches into the Indian Territory in 1875. Ranching began in the 1880s; farming started after 1900. County created in 1876 from the Bexar District and organized in 1908; named for Lt. G.A. Lamb, who died in battle of San Jacinto.

Race/Ethnicity: (In percent) Anglo, 38.8; Black, 4.8; Hispanic, 56.0; Asian, 0.4; Other, 1.9; Two or more races, 1.6.

Vital Statistics, annual: Births, 187; deaths, 147; marriages, 74; divorces, 32.

Recreation: Waylon Jennings Birthday Bash in June at Littlefield, museums, Earth Day in April.

Minerals: Oil, stone, gas.

Agriculture: Fed cattle, dairies; cotton, corn, wheat, grain sorghum, vegetables, soybeans, hay; sheep. 174,000 acres irrigated. Market value $537.3 million.

LITTLEFIELD (5,992) county seat; milk processing, agribusiness, manufacturing; hospital, prison, museum.

Olton (2,088) agribusiness, retail center; Sandcrawl museum; pheasant hunt in winter; Sandhills Celebration in August.

Other towns include: Amherst (670); Earth (975) farming center, dairies, feed lot, supplies; Fieldton (20); Spade (64); Springlake (98); Sudan (891) farming center, government/services, Homecoming Day in fall.

Plant X power plant in Lamb County

Steam rises from electric power Plant X near Earth. Photo by Robert Plocheck.