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map of Henderson County
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Physical Features: East Texas county bounded by Neches River and Trinity River; hilly, rolling; one-third forested; sandy, loam, clay soils; commercial timber; Cedar Creek Reservoir, Lake Palestine, Lake Athens, Forest Grove Reservoir, Trinidad Lake.

Economy: Agribusiness, retail trade, varied manufacturing, minerals, recreation, tourism.

locator map for Henderson County

History: Caddo tribal area. Cherokees and other tribes migrated into the area in 1819-1820 ahead of white settlement. Cherokees were forced into Indian Territory in 1839. Anglo-American settlers arrived in the 1840s. County created in 1846 from Nacogdoches and Houston counties; organized the same year. County named for Gov. J. Pinckney Henderson.

Race/Ethnicity: (In percent) Anglo, 77.4; Black, 6.4; Hispanic, 13.6; Asian, 0.7; Other, 1.0; Two or more races, 2.0.

Vital Statistics, annual: Births, 897; deaths, 1,084; marriages, 503; divorces, 38.

Recreation: Cedar Creek Reservoir, Lake Palestine, other lakes; Purtis Creek State Park; hunting, fishing, bird-watching; zipline at New York; East Texas Arboretum.

Minerals: Oil, gas, clays, lignite, sulfur, sand and gravel.

Agriculture: Beef cattle, forages, nurseries/horticulture, rodeo stock. Market value $40.2 million. Hunting leases and fishing. Timber important.

ATHENS (13,571) county seat; agribusiness center, varied manufacturing, tourism, state fish hatchery and museum, hospital, mental health center; Trinity Valley Community College; Texas Fiddlers’ Contest in May.

Gun Barrel City (6,157) recreation, retirement, retail center.

Malakoff (2,442) brick factory, varied industry, tourism, library, Cornbread Festival in April.

Other towns include: Berryville (1,058); Brownsboro (1,259); Caney City (226); Chandler (3,118) commuting to Tyler, retail trade, tourism, Pow Wow Festival in October; Coffee City (1,465); Enchanted Oaks (339); Eustace (1,011); Larue (250); Log Cabin (784); Moore Station (205); Murchison (611); Payne Springs (798); Poynor (319); Seven Points (1,535) agribusiness, retail trade, recreation, Monte Carlo celebration in November; Star Harbor (492); Tool (2,404), and Trinidad (891).

Also, Mabank (4,093, mostly in Kaufman County).

horses grazing east of Mabank

Horses grazing east of Mabank. Photo by Robert Plocheck.