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map of Wichita County
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Physical Features: Northwest county in prairie bordering Oklahoma; drained by Red, Wichita rivers; North Fork Buffalo Creek Reservoir, Lake Wichita; sandy, loam soils.

Economy: Manufacturing, retail trade center for large area, air base, government/services, agriculture.

History: Wichitas and other Caddoan tribes in the area in the 1700s; later, Comanches, Apaches also present until the 1850s. Anglo-American settlement increased after 1870. County named for tribe; created from Young Territory in 1858; organized in 1882.

Race/Ethnicity: (In percent) Anglo, 65.3; Black, 11.1; Hispanic, 19.2; Asian, 2.1; Other, 1.5; Two or more races, 2.8.

Vital Statistics, annual: Births, 1,740; deaths, 1,304; marriages, 1,120; divorces, 556.

Recreation: Museums; historic sites; Texas-Oklahoma High School Oil Bowl football game; collegiate activities; water sports on lakes; Fiestas Patrias parade, Ranch Round-up in August.

Minerals: Oil.

Agriculture: Beef cattle, horticulture, wheat, hay. Seventy-five percent of hay irrigated; 10 percent of wheat/cotton. Market value $33.8 million.

WICHITA FALLS (104,953) county seat; distribution center for large area of Texas and Oklahoma, government/services, varied manufacturing, oil-field services; hospitals, including North Texas state hospital; Midwestern State University, vocational-technical training center; hiking trails; Hotter’n Hell bicycle race in August; Sheppard Air Force Base.

Other cities include: Burkburnett (11,105) some manufacturing, Trails and Tales of Boomtown USA display and tours; Cashion (349); Electra (2,697) oil, agriculture, manufacturing, commuters to Wichita Falls; hospital; goat barbecue in May; Iowa Park (6,330) manufacturing, prison, Parkfest in May; Kamay (640); Pleasant Valley (316).

Electra sunrise

Electra sunrise. Photo by Robert Plocheck.