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map of Starr County
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Physical Features: Rolling, some hills; dense brush; clay, loam, sandy soils, alluvial on Rio Grande; Falcon Reservoir.

Economy: Vegetable packing, other agribusiness, oil processing, tourism, government/services.

History: Coahuiltecan Indian area. Settlers from Spanish villages that were established in 1749 on south bank began to move across Rio Grande soon afterward. Fort Ringgold established in 1848. County named for Dr.  J.H. Starr, secretary of treasury of the Republic; county created from Nueces County and organized in 1848.

Race/Ethnicity: (In percent) Anglo, 3.3; Black, 0.4; Hispanic, 96.4; Asian, 0.2; Other, 0.4; Two or more races, 0.3.

Vital Statistics, annual: Births, 1,283; deaths, 397; marriages, 409; divorces, 0.

Recreation:  Falcon State Park, Falcon Reservoir activities, Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge; deer, white-wing dove hunting; access to Mexico; historic houses, Lee House at Fort Ringgold; grotto at Rio Grande City; Roma Fest in November.

Minerals: Oil, gas, sand, gravel.

Agriculture: Beef and fed cattle; vegetables, cotton, sorghum; 3,500 acres irrigated for vegetables. Market value $47.2 million.

RIO GRANDE CITY (15,049) county seat; government/services, tourism, agriculture; hospital, college branches; trolley tours; Vaquero Days in February.

ROMA-Los Saenz (11,484) agriculture center; La Purísima Concepcíon Visita.

Other towns include: Delmita (227); Escobares (2,854); Falcon Heights (83); Fronton (175); Garceño (401); Garciasville (52); La Casita (115); La Grulla (1,676); La Puerta (601); La Rosita (69); Las Lomas (3,217); La Victoria (161); Los Alvarez (287); North Escobares (107); Salineño (171); San Isidro (219); Santa Elena (35).

The Starr County Courthouse faces tree-lined boulevard

The Starr County Courthouse faces a tree-lined street in Rio Grande City. Photo by Robert Plocheck.