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Change fm 2010
Area (sq.mi.)
Land area (sq.mi.)
Altitude (ft.)
Rainfall (in.)
Jan. avg. min.
July avg. max.
Civilian labor
Per Capita Inc.
Prop. Value
Retail Sales

– 14.2

map of Presidio County
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Physical Features: Rugged, some of Texas’ tallest mountains; clays, loams, sandy loams on uplands; intermountain wash, Rio Grande; timber sparse; Capote Falls, state’s highest waterfall. 

Economy: Government/services, ranching, hunting leases, tourism.

locator map for Presidio County

History: Presidio area has been cultivated farmland since at least 1200 A.D. Spanish explorers of the 1500s encountered permanent villages along the Rio Grande. Jumanos, Apaches, and Comanches in the area when Spanish missions began in the 1680s. Anglo-Americans arrived in the 1840s. County created in 1850 from Bexar District; organized in 1875; named for Spanish Presidio del Norte (fort of the north).

Race/Ethnicity: (In percent) Anglo, 12.9; Black, 1.4; Hispanic, 82.0; Asian, 3.1; Other, 1.7; Two or more races, 1.4.

Vital Statistics, annual: Births, 108; deaths, 36; marriages, 42; divorces, 0.

Recreation: Hunting; scenic drives along Rio Grande, in mountains; ghost towns, mysterious Marfa Lights; old Fort D.A. Russell; Big Bend Ranch State Park, Fort Leaton State Historic Site, Las Palomas Wildlife Management Area; hot springs; Cibolo Creek Ranch Resort; Chinati Foundation art festival in fall. (Chinati Mountains State Natural Area not yet open to public.)

Minerals: Sand, gravel, silver, zeolite.

Agriculture: Cattle, tomatoes, hay, onions, melons. Some irrigation near Rio Grande. Market value $48 million.

MARFA (1,666) county seat; ranching supply, Border Patrol headquarters, tourism, art center, gateway to mountainous area; Paisano Hotel, headquarters for movie, Giant; Old Timers Roping on Memorial Day weekend.

PRESIDIO (3,961) international bridge to Ojinaga, Mex., gateway to Mexico’s West Coast by rail; Fort Leaton historic site; asado cook-off in February.

Other towns include: Redford (71); Shafter (57) old mining town.

skyline of Marfa

The skyline of Marfa. Photo by Robert Plocheck.