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Church Membership Figures for Texas, 1990, 2000 and 2010 

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San Jose Mission
San Jose Mission in San Antonio was founded in 1720 and the church is still in use. Photo by Robert Plocheck.


According to the 2010 U.S. Religion Census, Texas ranks:

First in number of Evangelical Protestants, with 6,457,044.

• First in the number that belong to "non-denominational" Evangelical Protestant churches, with 1,546,542.

• First in the number of Muslims, with 421,972 estimated. New York is second with 392,953 estimated.

Second, behind Pennsylvania, in number of Mainline Protestants at 1,641,527.

Second, behind California, in number of Hindus.

Third in number of Buddhists, with 66,116 — far behind California, which is first with more than 300,000.

Third in number of Catholics, behind California and New York.

Fifth in number of Mormons.


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Texas Almanac

Texas Almanac