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Sporting Licenses and Game Harvests

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white-tailed buck deer

A white-tailed buck. Photo by Ray Sasser.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department reported the following approximate totals for hunting and fishing licenses in 2013–2014.  The season begins Sept. 1 and ends Aug. 31.

2013–2014 Season Volume Revenue
Hunting Licenses
Fishing Licenses
Combined Licenses

$ 25.1 million
36.5 million
34.5 million
$ 96.1 million



Game Harvest Estimates 

  The TPWD estimated that hunters harvested in the last three seasons:

  2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014
White-tailed deer  574,810  546,360 625,577
Mule deer  8,044  10,261 8,386
Dove  8,095,950  8,904,862 10,473,400
Quail  284,927  194,823 320,586
Duck  1,196,187  1,407,750 1,553,893
Pheasant  30,607  26,107 18,686
Wild turkey in the fall  14,926  18,763 19,066
Wild turkey in the spring  12,033  20,514 19,941
Javelina  26,834  21,225 24,472


Hunting Licenses

A hunting license is required of Texas residents and non-residents who hunt any legal bird or animal. Hunting licenses and stamp endorsements are valid during the period Sept. 1 through the following Aug. 31 of each year, except licenses issued for a specific number of days or time periods.

A hunting license (except the non-resident special hunting license and non-resident 5-day special hunting license) is valid for taking all legal species of wildlife in Texas including deer, turkey, javelina, antelope, aoudad (sheep), and all small game and migratory game birds. Stamp endorsement requirements apply.

Special licenses and tags are required for taking alligators, and a trapper’s license is required to hunt fur-bearing animals.

In addition to a valid hunting license:

— An Upland Game Bird Stamp Endorsement is required to hunt turkey, pheasant, quail, lesser prairie chicken, or chachalaca. Non-residents who purchase the non-resident spring turkey license are exempt from this stamp endorsement requirement.

— A Migratory Game Bird Endorsement and HIP (Harvest Information Program) Certification is required to hunt any migratory game birds, including waterfowl, coot, rail, gallinule, snipe, dove, sandhill crane, and woodcock.

— A valid Federal Duck Stamp is required of waterfowl hunters age 16 or older.

 On the web, information from TPWD on hunting: www.tpwd.state.tx.us/huntwild/.

Hunting Leases

Hunting leases are important to the economies of many Texas towns. TPWD has launched Hunt Texas, a free online connection between landowners and hunters, at www.tpwd.state.tx.us/exptexas/programs/hunt-texas/. Through the website, landowners can register their leases and hunters can search by county, game type, length of lease terms, costs, and weapons allowed.

Releasing bass into Texas waters.

Releasing bass into Texas waters.

Fishing Licenses 

All fishing licenses and stamp endorsements are valid only during the period Sept. 1 through the following Aug. 31, except licenses issued for a specific number of days or time periods. If you own any valid freshwater fishing package, you will be able to purchase a saltwater stamp and also fish saltwater. If you own any valid saltwater fishing package, you will be able to purchase a freshwater stamp and also fish freshwater. An all-water fishing package is  available that enables you to fish both fresh and salt water.

Detailed information concerning licenses, stamps, seasons, regulations, and related information can be obtained from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, 4200 Smith School Road, Austin 78744; (800) 792-1112 or 512-389-4800.

On the web, information from TPWD: www.tpwd.state.tx.us/business/licenses/.




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