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Estes prison unit near Venus, Johnson County.

The Estes prison unit near Venus, Johnson County. Photo by Robert Plocheck.


The Texas Board of Criminal Justice is composed of nine non-salaried members who are appointed by the governor for staggered six-year terms. The board governs primarily by employing the executive director, setting rules and policies that guide the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and by considering other agency actions at its regularly scheduled meetings. The TDCJ headquarters are in Huntsville, with offices in Austin, as well.

On-Hand Population — Aug. 31, 2014
  Correctional Institutions  136,460
  State Jails 10,524
  Substance Abuse 3,377
TOTAL 150,361
  Mandatory Supervision 87,455
  Felony and Misdemeanor 391,479

The Correctional Institutions Division is responsible for the confinement of adult felony and state jail offenders who are sentenced to incarceration in a secure state-operated correctional facility. Institutional facilities house offenders convicted of first-, second-, and third-degree felonies.

State jail facilities house offenders convicted of a state jail felony, which consists of certain felonies previously considered non-violent third-degree felonies or Class C misdemeanors. Punishment can be up to two years incarceration in a state jail facility and a fine not to exceed $10,000, with possible community supervision following release from the state jail.

inmate profile of Texas prisions

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Private Facility Contract Monitoring and Oversight Division is responsible for oversight and monitoring of contracts for privately operated secure facilities, as well as community-based facilities, which include substance abuse treatment services.

The Parole Division supervises all offenders released on parole or mandatory supervision; conducts release and transition planning; and verifies compliance with statutory provisions of release. Additionally, the division contracts for electronic monitoring and processing responses to violations, as well as other services. The division administers rehabilitation and reintegration programs and services through District Resource Centers and Parole Offices, and coordinates the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision.

The Community Justice Assistance Division administers community supervision, also known as adult probation in Texas. It is responsible for the distribution of formula and grant funds; the development of standards, including best-practice treatment standards; approval of Community Justice Plans and budgets; conducting program and fiscal audits; and providing training and certification of community supervision officers.

State Prison/Jail, Prisoners (on Aug. 31, 2014)

County Unit Nearest Town Inmates Gender
Anderson Beto Tennessee Colony 3,422 Male

Coffield Tennessee Colony 4,106 Male

Gurney Tennessee Colony 1,944 Male

Michael Tennessee Colony 3,254 Male

Powledge Palestine 1,125 Male
Angelina Diboll Diboll 431 Male

Duncan Diboll 541 Male
Bee Garza East Beeville 2,306 Male 

Garza West Beeville 2,109 Male 

McConnell Beeville 2,732 Male 
Bexar Dominguez San Antonio 2,128 Male
Bowie Telford New Boston 2,790 Male
Brazoria C.T. Terrell Rosharon 1,582 Male

Clemens Brazoria 1,127 Male

Darrington Rosharon 1,867 Male

Ramsey Rosharon 1,696 Male

Scott Angleton 1,062 Male

Stringfellow Rosharon 1,148 Male
Brazos Hamilton Bryan 1,080 Male
Brown Havins Brownwood 577 Male
Burnet Halbert Burnet 584 Female
Caldwell Lockhart Lockhart 498 Female

Lockhart PPT* Lockhart 500 Male
Cherokee Hodge Rusk 930 Male

Skyview Rusk 65
Childress Roach Childress 1,440 Male
Coryell Crain Gatesville 1,990 Female

Hilltop Gatesville 519 Female

Hughes Gatesville 2,792 Male

Mountain View Gatesville 626 Female

Murray Gatesville 1,307 Female

Woodman Gatesville 875 Female
Dallas Hutchins Dallas 2,200 Male
Dawson Smith Lamesa 1,711 Male
DeWitt Stevenson Cuero 1,382 Male
Duval Glossbrenner San Diego 420 Male
El Paso Sanchez El Paso 970 Male
Falls Hobby Marlin 1,363 Female

Marlin Marlin 552 Female
Fannin C. Moore Bonham 1,178 Male

Cole Bonham 849 Male
Fort Bend Jester I Richmond 301 Male

Jester III Richmond 1,085 Male

Jester IV Richmond 5

Vance Richmond 328 Male
Freestone Boyd Fairfield 1,335 Male
Frio Briscoe Dilley 1,369 Male
Galveston Hospital Galveston 17

Young Galveston 315
Gray Jordan Pampa 1,397 Male
Grimes Luther Navasota 1,247 Male

Pack Navasota 1,459 Male
Hale Formby Plainview 1,008 Male

Wheeler Plainview 520 Male
Harris Kegans Houston 595 Male

Lychner Humble 2,145 Male
Hartley Dalhart Dalhart 1,385 Male
Hays Kyle Kyle 519 Male
Hidalgo Lopez Edinburg 1,026 Male

Segovia Edinburg 1,177 Male
Houston Eastham Lovelady 2,427 Male
Jack Lindsey Jacksboro 979 Male
Jasper Goodman Jasper 577 Male
Jefferson Gist Beaumont 2,094 Male

Leblanc Beaumont 1,197 Male

Stiles Beaumont 2,925 Male
Johnson Estes Venus 1,040 Male
Jones Middleton Abilene 2,100 Male

Robertson Abilene 2,966 Male
Karnes Connally Kenedy 2,113 Male
La Salle Cotulla Cotulla 583 Male
Liberty Cleveland Cleveland 516 Male

Henley  Dayton 509 Female

Hightower Dayton 1,371 Male

Plane Dayton 2,149 Female
Lubbock Montford Lubbock 945 Male
Madison Ferguson Midway 2,357 Male
Medina Ney Hondo 544 Male

Torres Hondo 1,371 Male
Mitchell Wallace Colorado City 1,414 Male

Ware Colorado City 479 Male
Pecos Fort Stockton Fort Stockton 581 Male

Lynaugh Fort Stockton 1,410 Male
Polk Polunsky Livingston 2,965 Male
Potter Clements Amarillo 3,748 Male

Neal Amarillo 1,712 Male
Rusk B. Moore Overton 500 Male

Bradshaw Henderson 1,963 Male

East Texas Treatment Henderson


San Saba San Saba San Saba 550 Male
Scurry Daniel Snyder 1,344 Male
Stephens Sayle Breckenridge 562 Male
Swisher Tulia Tulia 579 Male
Terry Rudd Brownfield 579 Male
Travis Travis County Austin 1,017 Male
Tyler Lewis Woodville 2,179 Male
Walker Byrd Huntsville 1,235 Male

Ellis Huntsville 2,431 Male

Estelle Huntsville 3,107 Male

Goree Huntsville 47

Holliday Huntsville 2,116 Male

Huntsville Huntsville 1,573 Male

Wynne Huntsville 2,596 Male
Wichita Allred Iowa Park 3,648 Male
Willacy Willacy County Raymondville 1,069 Male
Williamson Bartlett Bartlett 1,045 Male
Wise Bridgeport Bridgeport 520 Male

Bridgeport PPT* Bridgeport 199 Female
Wood Johnston Winnsboro 585 Male
*PPT – Pre-Parole Transfer.

 Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice.