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Speakers of the Texas House

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 Republic of Texas

Speaker Term Congress
Ira Ingram 1836–1837 1st
Branch Tanner Archer 1837 2nd
Joseph Rowe 1838 2nd
John M. Hansford 1838–1839 3rd
David Spangler Kaufman 1840–1841 4th, 5th
Kenneth L. Anderson 1841–1842 6th
Nicholas H. Darnell 1842–1843 7th
Richardson A. Scurry 1843–1844 8th
John M. Lewis 1844–1845 9th

State of Texas

Speaker Term Legislature Party
William E. Crump 1846 1st Democrat
John Brown 1846 1st Democrat
Edward T. Branch 1846 1st Democrat
William H. Bourland 1846 1st Democrat
Stephen W. Perkins 1846 1st Democrat
James W. Henderson 1847–1849 2nd Democrat
Charles G. Keenan 1849–1851 3rd Democrat
David Catchings Dickson 1851–1853 4th Democrat 
H.R. Runnels 1853–1855 5th Democrat 
Hamilton Prioleau Bee 1855–1857 6th Democrat 
William S. Taylor 1857–1858 7th Democrat
Matthew F. Locke 1858–1859 7th Democrat
Marion DeKalb Taylor 1859–1861 8th Democrat
Constantine W. Buckley 1861 9th Democrat
Nicholas H. Darnell 1861–1862 9th Democrat
Constantine W. Buckley 1863 9th Democrat
Marion DeKalb Taylor 1863–1865 10th Democrat
Nathaniel M. Burford 1866 11th Unionist
 (Vacant, under Congressional Reconstruction and military administration.)
Ira Hobart Evans 1870–1871 12th Republican
William H. Sinclair 1871–1873 12th Republican
Marion DeKalb Taylor 1873–1874 13th Democrat
Guy M. Bryan 1874–1876 14th Democrat
Thomas R. Bonner 1876–1879 15th Democrat
John H. Cochran 1879–1881 16th Democrat
George R. Reeves 1881–1883 17th Democrat
Charles R. Gibson 1883–1885 18th Democrat
Lafayette Lumpkin Foster 1885–1887 19th Democrat
George Cassety Pendleton 1887–1889 20th Democrat
Frank P. Alexander 1889–1891 21st Democrat
Robert Teague Milner 1891–1893 22nd Democrat
John Hughes Cochran 1893–1895 23rd Democrat
Thomas Slater Smith 1895–1897 24th Democrat
L. Travis Dashiell 1897–1899 25th Democrat
J.S. Sherrill 1899–1901 26th Democrat
Robert E. Prince 1901–1903 27th Democrat
Pat. M. Neff 1903–1905 28th Democrat
Francis W. Seabury 1905–1907 29th Democrat
Thomas Bell Love 1907–1909 30th Democrat
Austin M. Kennedy (resigned) 1909 31st Democrat
John Wesley Marshall 1909–1911 31st Democrat
Sam Rayburn 1911–1913 32nd Democrat
Chester H. Terrell 1913–1915 33rd Democrat
John W. Woods 1915–1917 34th Democrat
Franklin Oliver Fuller 1917–1919 35th Democrat
Robert Ewing Thomason 1919–1921 36th Democrat
Charles Graham Thomas 1921–1923 37th Democrat
Richard E. Seagler 1923–1925 38th Democrat
Robert Lee Satterwhite 1925–1927 39th Democrat
Robert Lee Bobbitt 1927–1929 40th Democrat
Wingate S. Barron 1929–1931 41st Democrat
Fred Hawthorne Minor 1931–1933 42nd Democrat
Coke R. Stevenson 1933–1937 43rd, 44th Democrat
Robert W. Calvert 1937–1939 45th Democrat
Robert E. Morse 1939–1941 46th Democrat
Homer LaKirby Leonard 1941–1943 47th Democrat
Price Daniel 1943–1945 48th Democrat
Claud H. Gilmer 1945–1947 49th Democrat
William O. Reed 1947–1949 50th Democrat
Thomas Durwood Manford Jr. 1949–1951 51st Democrat
Reuben E. Senterfitt 1951–1955 52nd, 53rd Democrat
Jim T. Lindsey 1955–1957 54th Democrat
Waggoner Carr 1957–1961 55th, 56th Democrat
James A. Turman 1961–1963 57th Democrat
Byron Tunnell 1963–1965 58th Democrat
Ben Barnes 1965–1969 59th, 60th Democrat
Gus F. Mutscher (resigned) 1969–1972 61st, 62nd Democrat
W. Rayford Price 1972-1973 62nd Democrat
 (Rayford Price was speaker for the 2nd – 4th special sessions after Mutscher resigned.)
Price Daniel Jr. 1973–1975 63rd Democrat
Bill Clayton 1975–1983 64th — 67th Democrat
Gibson D. "Gib" Lewis 1983–1993 68th — 72nd Democrat
James E. "Pete" Laney 1993–2003 73rd — 77th Democrat
Tom Craddick 2003–2009 78th — 80th Republican
Joe Straus 2009–present 81st — 84th Republican


Sources:  Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Legislative Reference Library of Texas, the Handbook of Texas Online, Texas Almanac archive, the Dallas Morning News, and Journals of the House of Representatives.

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Texas Almanac